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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about us. Feel free to use our “Связаться с Нами” form if you questions wasn’t answered below.

1. What times are services?

Our primary, Sunday morning service is held at 10:00am Pacific Time. If you are not able to join us in person, feel free to join us online on our live stream. Sunday evening service is held at 5:00pm and Wednesday Bible study is held at 7:00pm. 

2. What language are services held in?

Most of our services are in Russian. However we do have the rare exceptions where they may be an English sermon or hymn. We are a diverse group of people that also speak English, Ukrainian and many other languages. If you don’t speak Russian, feel free to join us anyways and worship the Lord with us.

3. What do you believe?

Gospel Baptist Church is a Evangelical Baptist Church. We have a Statement of Faith provided by our parent organization that we, as a church, adhere to. To learn more about our faith, visit our “Наша Вера” page.

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