How it all started

Gospel Baptist Church

Gospel Baptist Church is a Slavic-speaking (Russian, Ukrainian, etc.), Baptist Church that currently resides in Des Moines, WA. We are a group of many different nationalities, ages and social statuses.

Our Story

Nikolai Kozlov

Just as a wide full-flowing river originates from a barely noticeable transparent spring, so the Russian Baptist Church began with the arrival in Seattle of a small group of brothers and sisters from Bryansk and the Bryansk region. Brothers Mikhail Lisitsyn and Nikolai Kozlov and their families, who had come to Seattle several years earlier, prudently withdrew from the church of which they were members. They decided that this was the best time to create a new church, in which their relatives and friends coming to live permanently would join.

The Lord sent an answer to the sincere prayers of the brothers, and their intentions were fulfilled. On November 22, 1998, the first divine service was held in the house of Mikhail Lisitsyn, which was attended by about 50 people.

The rise of the church was not easy. At this time, brother I.N. Lisitsyn was elected as pastor of the church . The first nine families that entered the church had to overcome difficulties, endure inconvenience, as subsequent services were held in private homes and offices. Time passed. New church members joined the church, who came to live not only from Bryansk, but also from other regions of Russia and the CIS countries. Soon brother Peter Ivanovich Kravchuk was elected to the Principal Pastor. In August 2005, after overcoming some difficulties and doing a great job of completing the necessary documents, the church acquired the ownership of the church building. In 2011, Brother Igor Vladimirovich Trebushnoy was elected as the Principal Pastor of the Church.

Peter Ivanovich Kravchuk
Photo from 20th Anniversary Service

In 2015, the church changed its name to “Gospel” in order to better reflect the direction our church has taken. Our desire to preach the gospel throughout the earth, wherever the Lord sends us.

In November 2018, the Russian Baptist Church celebrated its 20th anniversary! Who can say if it’s too much or not? Everyone has their own feeling and idea of time, because for some it is a long twenty years of work, spiritual growth, searches, experiences, worries, years of formation and affirmation. For others, these are years of peace and joy, peace and warmth in the circle of relatives, friends, and the church. What lies ahead for all of us? Let’s trust in the mercy of God and leave it in His loving and caring hands.

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